Case studies from across industries, domains and Bitwise solutions

Special Features

The advanced level of Ab Initio proficiency that Bitwise consultants can offer clients, affords a rare opportunity for companies to take advantage of special advanced features hidden inside the Ab Initio tool. By leveraging that deep knowledge of the Ab Initio and its advanced features, Bitwise has helped to enable clients to drive strategic business opportunities, maximize efficiency (of operation and development), and ensure cost-effective scalability.

Unlock the Potential

Bitwise can analyze client needs and formulate a strategic plan that utilizes these advanced features within Ab Initio to achieve increased flexibility and drive a better level of service to customers. Some of these special features and documented benefits include:
  • Metaprogramming
    • Create dynamic transformations and Data Manipulation Languages (DMLs)
    • Fields were populated runtime, saving coding efforts
  • BRE (Business Rules Engine)
    • BRE is used to understand, cleanse, validate and map data coming from different sources
    • Provide more flexibility and enhanced testing and simulation capability, which helps for qualifying the data
  • ACE (Ab Initio Configuration Environment)
    • ACE is used to increase automation and avoid redundancy
    • Through ACE, business analysts can write and edit a set of rules to validate and manipulate data passed to the application, increasing efficiency
  • ICFF (Indexed Compressed Flat File)
    • Create ICFF files for faster processing
    • ICFF files allow for huge volumes of data without taking up a lot of space in the main memory
  • Web Services
    • Web Services can be implemented in a real-time manner to give instant alerts to the customers

Increased Return on Investment

Our utilization of these special advanced features within Ab Initio has resulted in documented increases in ROIs from several large clients. These increases allowed the clients to realize specific, related business benefits, including:
  • Shorter duration of total batch, resulting in less people to support leading to significant cost savings for client
  • Increased alignment to meet strategy for business capabilities
  • Enabled cost-effective scalability
  • Optimized processing and development efficiency

Key Benefits

  • Ease of code maintenance
  • Reduction in total run-time of applications
  • Realized effort savings of 27% (man-hours on 350 graphs down from 4400 to 3200)
Business Analysts
  • Enhanced business rule transparency and auditing
  • Easily implement the Business Rules through the advanced features like ACE/BRE without the intervention of the developers

 You can download the detailed PDF version of this use case here.