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Bitwise has developed an automated, reusable utility for upgrading Ab-Initio graphs into higher version without any manual intervention, which will not only save effort and time, but will also ensure a smooth upgrade. The vast experience of working on several Ab Initio upgrade projects has been pooled into this methodology to create a proven approach that is repeatable, extendable, and dependable.

Upgrade Challenges

Ab Initio upgrade from 2.x to 3.x poses various challenges to organizations including resource challenges that could organizations to do a balancing act between focusing on business-critical items versus support/upgrade activities. This same challenge extends to limited availability of resources, which could lead into limited testing, opening the door to future issues in production. Additionally, being a one-time activity, organizations tend to discover issues while they move along in the upgrade process, which could cause unanticipated cost escalations and delays.


Upgrade Solutions

Out upgrade methodology translates directly into significant cost savings and efficient resource utilizations. In addition to building a framework that identifies production running process/objects (which are customizable depending on customer environment), the specifically designed utilities will ensure that each of the graph is taken care of and ready to be deployed, effectively assuring less turnover time with utilities.   Proven performance gains with the use of these utilities include:
  • 85% effort savings
  • 60% time savings

 You can download the detailed PDF version of this use case here.