Cloud Computing

Cloud delivery models for the provision of technology services provide opportunities to streamline hardware / software costs and accelerate the pace of innovation. Critical advances in security and the proliferation of analytical tools make cloud computing a strategic necessity for driving growth. Bitwise offers expert consulting and services to help you develop your cloud strategy for enterprise implementation based on proven methodologies and industry best practices.


Plan Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy

When planning an enterprise cloud strategy, choosing the right cloud platform is just the beginning. Our Strategy and Assessment Services leverage real-world implementation experiences to help you develop your roadmap for building an Operational or Business Analytics system in the cloud.

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Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Big Data

Bitwise offers innovative solutions to ensure that your stakeholders increase business value with traditional and new data sources. We design and build relevant business cases, customize big data programs and develop long term strategy to meet current and future analytics needs. Our proven methodologies, best practices, unique data tools and experienced resources make us the best strategic partner to accelerate your big data and Cloud initiatives.

Big Data Infrastructure Services
Big Data Managed Services
Big Data Solution Services

Meet Your Enterprise Data Demands

Big Data Infrastructure Services can help organizations handle the complexity of modern analytics needs. Our services are designed to help companies rapidly install, configure, productionize and gain results from their Hadoop and NoSQL infrastructure.

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Big Data Infrastructure Services

Enterprise Information Management

Bitwise empowers our clients to move faster along the journey to transform data into actionable insights and effectively leverage information across the entire organization. We offer end-to-end Enterprise Information Management services covering Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Data Mining, Data Quality and Master Data Management with complete Maintenance and Support.

BI Services
Data Integration Services
Data Quality Services

Critical Competencies for Market Success

Business Intelligence Services provide the ability for our clients to precisely define, easily integrate and effectively retrieve data for internal applications and bring insights through evolved Business Intelligence.

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Business Intelligence Services

Enterprise Digital Solutions

Imagine unmapped possibilities, discover uncharted avenues and tap the growing expansion of smart devices to reap business opportunities in today’s Mobility phenomenon and technological revolution in the Digital economy era.

Middleware and Integration
Digital (Mobile and Internet)

The Next-Generation of Agile Delivery

Instantly execute your latest idea with our DevOps services in which software is quickly developed while ensuring quality and operational performance across all devices, platforms and geographies. .

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Big Data Infrastructure Services

QA Testing

Today’s brands are not only symbolized by their glitzy logo, but by how their IT applications perform in every conceivable scenario, platform, device and environment. Since the onset of Big Data and related hardware and technologies, IT products are also scrutinized on probable vulnerabilities and security threats. Bitwise helps leading brands to meet application performance expectations by leveraging QA best practices, proven methodologies, and the right mix of test automation tools and frameworks.

Enterprise Quality Assurance
Agile and DevOps Testing
Test Data Management

Quality Assurance Aligned to Your Reputation

Enterprise Quality Assurance provides the expertise needed to deliver IT products with the uncompromised security, maximum performance and optimum quality that affirms your brands’ reputation.

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Big Data Infrastructure Services

Data Governance

Today’s data-driven organizations require a new approach and mindset to developing a Data Governance strategy. Bitwise offers a complete set of consulting and services to help you plan and implement Data Governance in your traditional, big data or cloud environments. Our team of experts can help coordinate the right combination of tools, methodologies, enterprise architectures and organizational responsibilities that, when implemented in concert and applied with industry best practices, establish an optimal governance framework.


Reliable Decision Making

Data Quality Services help ensure complete, consistent and accurate data to reduce costs associated with poor quality data and give business leaders greater confidence in the integrity of information for making data-driven decisions.

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Data Quality