Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud

Accelerate your cloud migration journey with ready-to-go migration roadmap and out-of-the-box reference architectures expertly implemented by Bitwise specialists who support you every step of the way to move your infrastructure, data and applications from on-premise to cloud.

Services for Migrating to Cloud

The entire process of migrating to cloud is complex. Bitwise provides a highly experienced team of cloud professionals to help overcome roadblocks and manage risks by using our proven migration approach and industry best practices.
  • Strategy and Assessment
    Bitwise partners with your team to plan and develop your migration roadmap. Our Strategy and Assessment Services help assess technology, risk and ROI to define a high level migration roadmap with detailed plan for analysis, design, planning and execution.
  • Build Your Business Case
    The ability to articulate ‘why’ your enterprise should move to cloud is the first and most important step in any migration initiative. Bitwise helps you identify your key business drivers such as speed and agility, consumption based expenses, economies of scale, ability to meet demand and global capacity.
  • Choose the Right Platform
    Not only do you need to select the right service provider or combination of providers, you need to determine the best option of public, private or hybrid cloud solution. Bitwise helps perform due diligence for all critical evaluation criteria including architecture, performance, operations, financial, risk, security and compliance to make the best decision.
  • Solution Options
    In addition to selecting the appropriate platform, you need to determine the best migration approach that meets requirements of your applications. With multiple options to consider, Bitwise helps implement a solution that takes full advantage of the possibilities that cloud offers such as scalability, AI and machine learning with our Cloud Solutions Services.

Migration Roadmap

Bitwise uses standardized roadmap with repeatable frameworks to help you plan and implement your migration in order to operationalize your cloud assets as quickly as possible. We address infrastructure needs and capacity planning, high level architecture and blueprint to build the future state cloud system with governance and security plan.

Bitwise Phased Migration Approach for Optimized Business Value

Bitwise’s Phased Migration Approach

Use Cases

Migrate Your On-Premise Hadoop Analytics
System to Cloud

When starting a cloud strategy, organizations need to understand the challenges (such as data compatibility, data portability) and successes for building a Business Analytics system in cloud.


  • Reduce operational cost
  • Retire obsolete/redundant tools and applications
  • Leverage most cost effective tools and technologies
  • Reduce and consolidate analytics data Environments

Modernize Your Legacy Analytics System with Cloud

Legacy systems such as Teradata, Netezza, SQLServer, etc. excel at analyzing relational data, but fail to keep up with enterprise demands from growing volumes of unstructured and structured data.


  • Cost of scalability of current system
  • Retire obsolete/redundant tools and applications
  • Legacy systems designed for relational data, not new unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Consolidation of different analytics systems