Protect Sensitive Data In Traditional, Big Data and Cloud Environments

The need to securely protect sensitive data within regulatory requirements and mitigate threats to company information presents a significant challenge to the organization’s business risk management, legal and compliance processes.

We help deploy a holistic security framework across your enterprise with a cost-effective, scalable solution that ensures compliance (PCI, HIPAA, etc.) and protects sensitive data within your on-premise, big data and cloud environments.

Data Security Services

Bitwise provides services for strategy and implementation of all stages of data security per industry best practices to deliver a comprehensive solution based on your organization’s unique policies and that mitigates risks associated with violations of common international data protection regulations, data breaches and corporate policy violations.

  • Authorization: Our team helps establish file based permissions, role based security and service level authorization.
  • Data Protection: Our team utilizes appropriate tokenization, encryption and masking solutions to protect PII and PCI data.
  • Authentication: Our team configures perimeter level security, Kerberos and LDAP / Active Directory.
  • Auditing and Lineage: Our team implements centralized audit logging to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Our experts can setup and configure all services needed to secure your on-premise environment. For cloud environments, our consultants can enable the security services offered by your cloud provider, such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Bitwise Data Security Framework


Bitwise Advantage

  • Data-centric security
  • Configurable to your enterprise governance
  • Domain specific security compliance
  • Vendor-neutral security solution
  • Security customization of your Hadoop platform
  • Add-on security requirements without disturbing existing security coverage

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