Optimize Your Data Assets for High Value Return

Accelerate business decisions and rapidly respond to change by overcoming challenges such as unreliable data source information, ambiguity and inconsistency in the association between entity stores throughout the data environment.

We help build your DAI (data asset inventory) in conjunction with traditional, Hadoop and cloud environments that will create data assets for your business taxonomy, operational metadata and technical metadata.

Metadata Management Services

Achieve up-to-date metadata that is easily accessible and effectively used across the organization with implementation of enterprise-wide metadata management per industry standards that includes the establishment of end-to-end data lineage of attributes, data classification and publishing metadata.

Our Data Governance experts understand the full metadata lifecycle and leverage a solution framework consisting of templates, processes, best practices and leading tools to establish efficiencies in leveraging business information to achieve success.

  • Data Catalog: Store technical and operational metadata with automatic capture from Hadoop and non-Hadoop sources.
  • Data Classification: Identify and tag data based on classification guidelines for privacy, sensitivity and business criticality.
  • Data Lineage: Capture lineage information at field level and store and present in an easy to understand graphical format.
  • Metadata Repository and Presentation: Enterprise store of all technical, operational and business metadata with UI for searching and reporting.
  • Data Steward Empowerment: Maintenance of stewardship information to reflect changes in ownership across the enterprise.

Bitwise Metadata Management Solution Framework


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