DevOps Paradigm

Today’s intense market demands for a quick release of applications. To stay competitive, businesses need to see their ideas in action within months or weeks, and get instant feedback.

Bitwise approaches DevOps as a paradigm that allows businesses to integrate their organization around the core Agile principles of collaboration, iterative improvements and feedback loops. By focusing on Continuous Development, we help customers to accelerate and streamline their build-test-release cycles with agility and reliability.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Solutions

Software development is moving towards continuity. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) have developed as best practices for keeping your application deployable at any point or even pushing your main codebase automatically into production whenever new changes are brought into it. This empowers your team to move fast while keeping high quality standards that can be checked automatically

Bitwise has significant experience in implementing the CI/CD pipeline in diverse technologies. Backed by extensive experience, we offer unique solutions to help accelerate and streamline your build-test-release cycle for continuous delivery, agility and reliability.

Continuous Delivery Maturity Assessment Model
Organizations might have knowledge of CD methodologies, however many times do not know where to start or what to expect out of CD initiatives. Through our vast experience with CD, Bitwise has created a proprietary maturity model by picking the best pieces out of all the available models, which helps an organization understand its current CD maturity level and fill the gaps between the current state and the desired level.


Enterprise Application Quality Uplift
Enterprise application quality has always been a challenge for organizations, and is even more challenging when you have strict deadlines and diverse development teams working from geographically disparate locations. Bitwise can develop a customized CI/CD solution and roadmap to uplift the overall quality of enterprise applications.


CI/CD for Existing Projects
Many organizations face challenges when introducing the CI and CD process into existing projects. Bitwise has significant experience in implementing the CI/CD pipeline in existing projects with diverse technologies. We use our unique methodology to provides a customized CI/CD solution based on specific project requirements


Accelerate Time-to-Market
Bitwise CI/CD solution focuses on automating infrastructure creation and maintenance, code integration, regression testing, deployment and maintenance lifecycle and feedback mechanism so that teams can focus more on adding new features rather than doing mundane tasks, as well as improving productivity and quality.


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