Efficient Testing of Agile and DevOps Deployments

Traditional testing mechanisms need to evolve to meet shifting approaches to software development that meet continuous testing needs of deployment from months to days.

Waterfall gave way to V-Model which in turn was replaced by Agile as the preferred choice for software development. DevOps is the future. Bitwise offers the expertise, frameworks and automation capabilities needed to efficiently meet your testing requirements for Agile and DevOps deployments.

Agile Testing Services

Functional Test Automation and faster feedback are the essential ingredients to create a successful Agile testing recipe. Keeping ahead of changing industry trends, Bitwise offers Agile test automation capabilities to simplify testing of software products developed using Agile methodology.

Key Features

  • Thorough understanding of Agile test quadrants.
  • QA Team conversant with a wide array of testing tools and Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc.).
  • Application of inverted test pyramid in Agile.
  • Integration and execution of functional/non-functional tests on CI servers (i.e. Jenkins).
  • Incorporation of BDD frameworks for acceptance testing.

Bitwise Agile Testing Advantage

  • QA Team with expertise in the tools/programming required to automate test in various test quadrants.
  • Culture shift becomes easy as QA Team is already conversant with Agile principles and hands-on work in Agile.
  • We support each flavor of Agile.
  • Probable adoption of DevOps becomes easy.

DevOps Testing Services

Being closely aligned with Agile methodology allows us to appreciate the subtle differences in Agile and DevOps Testing - the most prominent differences being continuous testing and engaging test automation at each phase.

Even though both Agile and DevOps advocate a culture, testing in DevOps is more fast-paced than in an Agile setting and relies on automating every possible task from testing to deployment.

Key Features

  • Adherence to continuous testing.
  • Automating feasible tasks.
  • Layered tests (Smoke test, subset of regression tests, full-blown regression tests) to ensure faster feedback at each checkpoint.
  • Intelligent regression testing.
  • Ability to setup testing environments.
  • Execution of automated tests (cross-platform, cross-browser, and cross-device).
  • Scaled up performance/load testing.
  • Creation of a wholly evolved test automation harness.

Bitwise DevOps Testing Advantage

  • Expertise from DevOps team with varied skillsets.
  • Close collaboration with stakeholders and developers, thus aiding communication within the team.
  • Standardized QA environments with automated deployments.
  • Reduction in time-to-live with parallel execution.
  • Optimum test coverage with test automation.
  • Identify and execute tests for a particular build, yielding quicker feedback.

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