Improving Quality for Enterprise Applications

The Bitwise approach to testing combines a commitment to quality with a focus on automation to create reliability, cost efficiency and predictable ‘time to production.’

Leveraging a proven methodology, we have the flexibility to use industry standard products and platforms as well as our proprietary tools. We offer a suite of Enterprise QA services that includes performance and security testing, digital testing, web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) testing, test automation and managed testing services.

Enterprise Quality Assurance Suite

Our Enterprise Quality Assurance Suite applies the necessary expertise, solutions, technology, and set of best practices to test every aspect of your software products, as well as detect vulnerabilities and conduct security testing against any threat for your mission-critical data initiatives.

Performance Testing
Our solution for Performance Testing exploits widely used open source tools (JMeter, BeanShell Scripting, Fiddler Debugging Proxy, etc.) to build robust and distributed performance test suites that simulate realistic user loads, helping to discover bottlenecks before the application is made live.

Security Testing
Our approach to Security Testing involves the creation of a custom Security Test Suite with commonly used APIs that capture and fix security vulnerabilities. Adhering to standards of security testing and following OWASP is a key feature in our Security Testing arsenal for web applications, including tools such as ZAP Tool and Kali Linux for advanced security testing.

Digital Testing
We assure quality for enterprise applications in the Big Data and Cloud era with a comprehensive end-to-end digital testing approach that focuses on rapid time-to-market. Our Digital Testing Services include areas such as performance and vulnerability testing, load testing, omnichannel, web functional testing, mobile app testing and responsive UI testing.

SOA Testing
We provide SOA Testing Services with appropriate strategy for testing, tools, support and compliance to achieve comprehensive application testing. We utilize proprietary and third-party tools to automate end-to-end testing by implementing web service and module level testing that provides 100% test coverage for module and integration level test cases.

Test Automation
Bitwise understands the challenges to successfully implement a Test Automation solution. Our services include Web Functional Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver and testing frameworks (TestNG, ReportNG), Mobile App Functional Test Automation with Appium and cloud testing solutions (Perfecto, SauceLabs), and SOA Test Automation with CA LISA and SOAP UI.

Experience Enterprise Quality Assurance Suite

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