Increase Efficiency in Testing Process

An effective Test Data Management (TDM) strategy can save hours in test data creation, build efficiency into your test process, mitigate risk of exposing sensitive data, and reduce costs associated with testing.

Bitwise TDM Suite, powered by our QualiDI DataBuilder, provides a more efficient, effective and economical way to produce high quality, production-like synthetic test data for any enterprise application.

TDM Suite - Powered by QualiDI DataBuilder

The complexity of test query results can make it nearly impossible to effectively find data errors using a manual test process. Bitwise addresses this common enterprise challenge with our automated TDM solution that utilizes our QualiDI DataBuilder to generate realistic test data, in the correct quantity, from production data sources.
  • Production-like test data with redacted personal/sensitive content
  • Realistic synthetic data for missing scenarios to enrich test data
  • Comprehensive test data for non-functional testing
  • Business Rule Engine and impact analyzer to accurately design and maintain test data
  • Defect removal effectiveness to reduce end-to-end test cycle and data testing cost
  • QualiDI DataBuilder

    QualiDI DataBuilder

    TDM Suite Advantage

    Support your company’s business strategy, operational excellence, and compliance through more reliable, timely data achieved at a significantly lower cost.
    • Up to 90% reduction in test data related defects
    • Up to 70% reduction in data volume for complete test case coverage
    • Mitigate risk of exposing sensitive data
    • Reduce testing cycle by up to 25% and test execution time by 60%
    • Achieve nearly 100% improvement to application quality

Test Data Management – On-Demand Webinar