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September 4, 2023 | BY Saquib Hashmi


Card payment companies need maintenance and enhancement solutions to ensure their systems and services are running smoothly and efficiently. These solutions help to prevent and resolve technical issues, maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations, and provide prompt and effective customer support. As the payment industry is constantly evolving and the volume of transactions is increasing, the need for effective maintenance solutions becomes even more critical to ensure card payment companies can continue to deliver secure and reliable payment services to customers.

Bitwise offered a comprehensive solution for maintenance and enhancement to the payments giant. This allowed the company to focus on its core business activities, knowing that its payment systems are in safe hands.

A Look at the Challenges Faced by the Client

One of the leading companies in the card payments industry was in need of a cost-optimized solution that would provide 24×7 production coverage with a 99.99% uptime.

The system needed to be supported and maintained, with real-time application performance monitoring from code level to customer experience. Additionally, the system needed to monitor the processing of dispute data for different card brands, as well as the health of business transactions, servers, and databases.

The requirements also included support for infrastructure activities such as certificate renewal, migration, data and code refresh, and general consultation resolution.

This posed a significant challenge for the company, as the system needed to be maintained and supported efficiently to minimize downtime and potential financial losses. Bitwise experts were able to provide an effective solution that met these requirements and delivered outstanding outcomes for the client company.

How did the expert team of Bitwisers provide a comprehensive solution to the payments company?

Bitwise offered a Disputes Management System, an enterprise application deployed on cloud environments. It handles financial transactions and any flaws in the system could also result in financial loss. Some of the most important aspects of this comprehensive solution are given below.

24×7 Production Coverage to Ensure SLA Compliance

24×7 production coverage ensures that systems are monitored and issues are addressed promptly to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs). With this coverage, we provided an efficient solution to avoid financial losses and reduce downtime, so our client can provide a high level of service to its customers. With our AIML model working around the clock, SLAs are met effectively and customers receive the expected level of service.

Reducing Functional and Technical Debt through L1,L2 and L3 Models

Functional and technical debt refers to the accumulated shortcomings in a system that can lead to inefficiencies and increased costs over time. By using the L1, L2 and L3 models, businesses can reduce this debt and improve the overall health of their systems. These models provide a systematic approach to identifying areas of improvement, planning preventative maintenance efforts, and reducing financial impact, manual overhead, and customer experience issues. By continuously focusing on reducing functional and technical debt through these models, we helped our client ensure its systems are efficient, cost-effective, and provide positive customer experience.

Streamlining Card Brand Disputes Monitoring with Custom Dashboards

Card brand disputes can be a tedious and time-consuming process, involving manual reconciliation of data and constant monitoring of critical streams. To address these challenges, we developed custom dashboards to provide real-time monitoring of card brand dispute data. These dashboards not only simplify the process of data reconciliation but also automate support activities, alerts, and critical streams to streamline the entire process. The implementation of our custom dashboards greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of card brand dispute management. With their user-friendly interface and real-time data updates, these custom dashboards will become an indispensable tool for our client to streamline their card brand dispute processes.

Streamlining Processes with Developed Utilities for Tedious Tasks

Streamlining processes is crucial for improving efficiency and reducing manual effort. Therefore, we developed utilities to automate tedious and on-demand activities that can help teams save time and increase productivity. These utilities can automate tasks such as data entry, report generation, and system monitoring, freeing up team members to focus on higher-value activities. With developed utilities, our client’s team can reduce errors, improve accuracy, and standardize processes.

Preventing Disruptions with an Alert Mechanism to Identify Failure Points

Preventing disruptions in systems and services is crucial for maintaining a high level of availability and avoiding negative impacts on customers. Our effective alert mechanism is designed to identify failure points that can help teams quickly detect and mitigate issues. The alerts can be triggered by specific conditions, such as threshold violations or unexpected behaviour, and are sent to the appropriate team members in real-time.

Keeping a Close Eye on API Health with Custom Dashboards

Monitoring API health is critical for ensuring the smooth operation of systems that rely on APIs. The custom dashboard specifically designed by Bitwise can provide real-time visibility into the performance and status of APIs. The custom dashboard can include key metrics such as response time, error rates, and capacity utilization, and provide alerts for any threshold violations. With a clear and comprehensive view of API health, teams can quickly respond to any issues, proactively maintain the reliability and performance of their API-driven systems, minimize downtime, and ensure a consistent and high-quality user experience.

Maximizing Efficiency through Automation of Regular Support Activities

By leveraging our management system to automate regular support activities such as ticket routing, status updates, and resolution tracking, companies can help streamline these processes and reduce manual effort. Additionally, implementing dashboards and alerts for critical streams can provide real-time visibility into the status of support operations and help identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Using Wiki as a Central Store for all Key Information

With our maintenance system, one of the top-ranked payment companies in the world has a central store for all key information as it is crucial for effective collaboration and information management within a team. Using a Wiki as the central store can provide a single source of truth for everyone in the team, making it easy to access and update information as needed. The Wiki can be used to document processes, policies procedures, and other important information that is relevant to the team’s work. By using it as the central store everyone in the team has access to the latest and most accurate information, which can improve decision-making, reduce duplicated effort, and streamline communication. By implementing it, teams can improve the way they manage information and support each other’s work.

Reducing Financial Losses due to System and Manual Error

In an effort to mitigate financial losses arising from system and manual errors, we implemented a series of automated checks throughout the dispute life cycle. These checks, deployed at critical stages such as Incoming Disputes, Pending Financials, Settlement, and Outgoing Responses to card brands, have yielded several benefits for our clients.

Firstly, by ensuring no case is pending for creation or linking, our clients are better equipped to address disputes in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, these checks have eliminated the chances of disputes being ignored, which can lead to significant financial losses.

Moreover, the automated checks ensure that decisions and confirmations are being received and linked in a timely manner, thereby reducing the risk of financial loss. By properly balancing cases from a financial standpoint, settlement issues can be avoided altogether.

Overall, our automated checks have not only reduced the potential for financial loss but have also saved valuable manual efforts and mitigated the potential for human error.

Active Collaboration for Priority Issue Resolution

Bitwise offered active collaboration to quickly resolve priority issues by working closely with clients, vendors, and user communities. Our approach involved clear communication, open channels of information exchange, and regular feedback loops. With active collaboration, we can reduce response time, improve the quality of service, and provide a better customer experience. Bitwise builds trust and strengthens relationships, leading to long-term success in resolving priority issues.

Weekly Status Reporting for Higher Management

Weekly status reporting is a crucial tool for higher management to stay informed and up-to-date on the progress of a project or team. It provides a concise overview of key achievements, challenges, and future plans, allowing higher management to make informed decisions and ensure the project stays on track. To streamline the weekly status reporting process, we established a clear structure and format, ensuring that all relevant information is included and presented in a consistent manner.

Bitwise facilitates the creation and distribution of these reports, reducing the time and effort required to compile them. With the help of our weekly status reporting, organizations can provide their higher management with the information they need to make informed decisions and run the project smoothly.

Key Outcomes

  • Achieving Real-Time Monitoring of Card Brand Disputes Processing
    With the implementation of Bitwise’s solution, the client company can now have real-time monitoring of the processing of dispute data for four different card brands. This allows for quicker identification of issues and resolution disputes, reducing the potential for financial losses.
  • Ensuring System Stability and Application Availability through Continuous Tracking
    The Bitwise solution includes tracking system stability and application availability, ensuring that the Disputes Management System is running optimally at all times. This also helps to identify potential issues before they become problems, reducing downtime and improving the overall customer experience.
  • Staying Ahead of Problems with Proactive Alerting
    The solution provides an alert mechanism that identifies failure points, allowing the client to stay ahead of potential problems and minimize the impact of issues on the system This results in a more efficient and effective process for resolving disputes, improving customer satisfaction and educing the potential for financial losses.
  • Efficient Monitoring with Custom Dashboards
    Bitwise has developed custom dashboards for the payments company to monitor the health of the Disputes Management System. These dashboards provide real-time monitoring of critical data and alerts, significantly reducing the time spent on monitoring the system.

Active Collaboration for Priority Issue Resolution

Bitwise provided a comprehensive solution to the client’s requirement for maintenance and enhancement of their processes through a Disputes Management System. By offering 24×7 production coverage to meet SLA compliance, we reduced functional and technical debt through L1, L2 and L3 models. We also assisted in streamlining card brand dispute monitoring with custom dashboards, streamlining processes with developed utilities, preventing disruptions with an alert mechanism, and monitoring API health with custom dashboards.

Our experts at Bitwise also helped maximize efficiency through the automation of regular support activities, using a Wiki as a central store for all key information, and active collaboration for priority issue resolution. These solutions helped the Fortune 500 payments company to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customer experience of their system.

Saquib Hashmi


Experienced Senior Project/Program Manager with a strong background in IT and financial services. specifically in card and payments. Deep knowledge of the Cards domain, including Disputes, Chargebacks, and Core Banking Operations. Successful track record of bringing innovation, automation, and positive transformation to Fortune 500 clients

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