Test Data Management

On-Demand Test Data Provisioning Tool

Test Data Management Overview

An effective TDM strategy can save on costs, reduce hours in test data creation, build highly efficient test processes, improve sensitive data security, and ultimately expedite the testing lifecycle.

Based on extensive experience in testing large enterprise applications and our DevOps oriented culture for providing development and testing, we created the Bitwise Test Data Management (TDM) solution to fulfil the common need for meaningful test data and reduce dependency on pulling data from higher environments.

Test Data Management Features

Bitwise TDM is deployable in both On-Premise and Cloud platforms (AWS, GCP and Azure) and seamlessly integrates with our QualiDI (ETL Test Automation tool) for a comprehensive data integration testing suite.

bitwise- test data management
bitwise-  test data management framework
Test Data Management

With features for data cloning and synthetic data generation, Bitwise TDM creates production-like business data. Realistic and reliable test data facilitates the testing of complex and business-critical applications.

Empower Test Engineering with On-Demand Test Data Provisioning


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