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Converting DataStage ETL to SSIS for Leading Insurance Company


Bitwise helped a NASDAQ listed, $6 Billion US insurance company, successfully migrate their Data Integration (ETL) platform from DataStage to Microsoft SSIS. The first and primary step in this migration was to complete the inventory analysis, and then scope the exact ETL jobs to be migrated.

The approach included a collaborative effort with client teams and the Source ETL Analyzer utility (an automated assessment tool put together by Bitwise), which helped in laying the foundation for the ETL Converter by analyzing the

  • Complexity definition of each ETL job and identification of common features across all the ETL jobs.
  • Identification of common features across all the ETL jobs

Client Challenges and Requirements

The client had to move their entire data integration platform from IBM DataStage to Microsoft SSIS, covering the following aspects:

  • Development of the SSIS ETLs after analyzing the original DataStage jobs
  • Unit testing, which involved the extensive field level comparison of DataStage outputs against those generated by newly developed SSIS ETLs
  • System integration and performance testing
  • Deployment to stage environment followed by Production environment

All of the above aspects had to be covered for about 700 Datastage jobs spread across 22 subject areas within the fixed timeline of 4 months to avoid Datastage license renewal. The jobs were of varied complexity with 42% jobs in the Medium-to-Complex category.

Bitwise Solution

The Bitwise ETL Converter is customized based on the information captured that makes the automation highly cost-effective in terms of reducing the overall development efforts. The converter is additionally bundled with Data Validation automation that enormously reduces the turn-around time to productionalize the new solution.

The Bitwise ETL Converter enables the automation of the migration process, thereby minimizing the time-to-production and brings in better quality within the new Data Integration platform. Its support for various ETL Tools and easy customization, based on the client’s needs, enables it to lead the market in offering a dynamic and complete migration toolset.


Automated assessment with Dark Data Discovery framework


Phased migration approach


Consistency and standardization across the ETL Conversion jobs


Automated data validation


Repeatable process

Tools & Technologies We Used

IBM DataStage
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
Bitwise Source ETL Analyzer
Bitwise ETL Converter
Bitwise ETL Validation Framework

Key Results


22% Reduction during Assessment Phase and Inventory Cleanup


55% Reduction in Development Effort


25% Effort savings in Data Validation


65% Effort savings in Defect cycle efficiencies brought automation consistencies

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