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How to successfully implement DevOps

The Right Tools

Ensure that you have the tools that will set you up for success

  • Start with an inspection of your initial tool set to identify potential gaps
  • Setup CI server with all required tools
  • Explore integration with third-party tools such as JIRA, HPQC, TeamForge, etc.

Follow the Right Process

Follow a step-by-step approach to get from “novice” to “advanced”

  • Along with a thorough gap analysis using CI maturity model, ensure that clear measurable goals are set from the start
  • Define, design and build development process along with a clear approach to data governance
  • Ensure an elastic infrastructure with automated monitoring and dashboarding inclusive of business drivers and events

Instill a DevOps Culture

Bring your org along on the DevOps Journey

  • Develop and deploy training for teams on CI and DevOps
  • Establish process controls and measures
  • Define Phase Gate / SDLC intersection
  • Manage clear Knowledge Management

Implementing DevOps with Bitwise

Optimal approach to implementing DevOps in your organization to quickly see ideas in action and get instant feedback.  


Proven DevOps Experts

Bitwise has worked with the world’s leading enterprises to help them seize market opportunities and reduce time to customer feedback through DevOps practices.


Full-scale Offerings

Bitwise offers fully customizable, end-to-end solution for DevOps implementation that will take you from Novice level all the way to Expert


Accelerated Methodology

Our proven methodologies, best practices, unique data tools and experienced resources make us the best strategic partner to accelerate your DevOps maturity


Technology Leadership

Bitwise has significant experience in implementing the CI/CD pipeline in diverse technologies. Backed by extensive experience, we offer unique solutions to help accelerate and streamline your build-test-release cycle for continuous delivery, agility and reliability.

Bitwise DevOps Framework

Bitwise approaches DevOps as a paradigm that allows businesses to integrate their organization around the core Agile principles of collaboration, iterative improvements and feedback loops. By focusing on Continuous Development, we help customers to accelerate and streamline their build-test-release cycles with agility and reliability.


There are different CD Maturity Assessment models in the market that help to solve implementation challenges. Through our vast experience with CD, Bitwise has created a proprietary maturity model by picking the best pieces out of all the available models, which helps an organization understand its current CD maturity level and fill the gaps between the current state and the desired level.



  • Accelerate Software Delivery
  • Balance Speed, Cost, Quality and Risk
  • Reduce Time to Customer Feedback

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