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What it takes to successfully implement Functional and Mobile Testing

Focus on User Satisfaction

Confirm your software does exactly what it is designed to do

  • Detect and prevent defects early in the product lifecycle
  • Isolate potential quality problems to reduce time to resolution
  • Ensure that new features and enhancements do not have unintended consequences to existing software quality

Deliver a Seamless Mobile Experience

Build applications that are scalable and accessible across multiple platforms

  • Use end-to-end testing to ensure the application is downloadable effectively, works seamlessly and gives consistent experience across various devices
  • Avoid lack of testing accuracy when using emulators and simulators to imitate platform device testing
  • Correctly validate dynamically changing requirements and interfaces

Address Gaps in Automation

Ensure your applications perform in every conceivable scenario, platform, device and environment

  • Test visual considerations like gestures, image color, videos or user experience which cannot be addressed by automated tools
  • Handle testing of unstable applications and environments where automation is ineffective
  • Validate that automated test scripts are properly tested

Optimizing Functional and Mobile Testing with Bitwise

Combined with industry-standard tools, pre-built test accelerators and Agile test processes, we deliver the most effective functional and mobile testing capabilities


Proven QA Testing Experts

Leveraging a proven methodology, we have the flexibility to use industry standard products and platforms as well as our proprietary tools.


Full-Scale Offerings

We apply the necessary expertise, solutions, technology, and set of best practices to test every aspect of your software products.


Accelerated Methodology

As experts in Agile methodology who are proficient with Agile and DevOps Testing, we have mastered the art of continuous testing and engaging test automation at each phase.


Technology Leadership

Through our QA Center of Excellence, we train our resources on all aspects of automation and continuously work on evolving QA processes and best practices.

Bitwise Functional and Mobile Testing Approach

Bitwise helps leading brands to meet application performance expectations and quality by leveraging a standard approach comprised of best QA practices, uncompromised security standards, proven test strategies and methodologies backed by domain experts.

Solution Approach


Product domain experts who can decide the appropriate comprehensive test strategy


Test extensively from a human perspective at the module/component level and integration level


Cross platform capability for Web, Desktop, Mobile and Integrated system testing


Supports integration with Test Link to manage     test scenarios


Focus on finding innovative ways to reduce time-to-market


Advantages of Bitwise Functional and Mobile Testing Approach

  • Early feedback, quality and on time delivery with each iteration
  • Our testing experts work directly with your team to create an end-to-end process
  • Support for Agile and Shift-left testing methodologies
  • Ensuring secure online existence of applications under test
  • Improved release quality and help to build stable products
  • Daily reporting and weekly budget watch initiatives
  • Comprehensive final project report
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Solution Summary

Functional Test Automation (Mobile & Web Services)
Bitwise provides comprehensive solutions for all your data projects

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API Automation Testing

Fast paced Agile teams focused on multiple API builds to deliver a quality product demand highly automated test cycles with quick, accurate results.


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