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Ensure complete, consistent and accurate data in order to make confident business decisions


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We have so much great data, but constant data quality issues make it unreliable and unusable as true business assets.

How to improve the quality of your mission-critical data

Start with an Assessment

Thoroughly assess the current situation to develop a clear roadmap to success.

  • Assess the current data quality system and process to identify challenges, gaps and vision.
  • Develop a clear architecture design and solution accounting for platform, infrastructure and security requirements.
  • Define the process for profiling, cleansing rules, standardization and validation, automated attribution and enrichment, automated classification and duplicate detection to build the overall implementation roadmap that meets platform, security and compliance requirements.

Have the Right Tools

Having the right data quality tool can make a big difference.

  • Ensure that you have the right-fit Data Quality tool for your organization such as Ab Initio DQE, Informatica IDQ, Ataccama or Talend DQ.
  • Bitwise can provide expertise in all leading market tools such as those listed above.

Integrate with Existing Processes

Achieving Data Quality doesn’t mean you have to change everything else too.

  • Develop and integrate a solution for cleansing, standardization, enrichment and business transformation that can manage exceptions seamlessly as part of daily business process.
  • Build all technical repositories, reporting and monitoring via easy-to-maintain scorecards.

Implementing Data Quality with Bitwise

Strategic approach to data quality to generate accurate and reliable business information. 


Proven Data Quality Experts

Bitwise has worked with the world’s leading enterprises to help them achieve the highest data quality.


Full-scale Offerings

Bitwise offers a complete set of consulting and services to help you plan and implement Data Quality Solutions in your traditional, big data or cloud environments.


Accelerated Methodology

Our team of experts can help coordinate the right combination of tools, methodologies, enterprise architectures and organizational responsibilities that, when implemented in concert and applied with industry best practices, establish an optimal data quality strategy for your org.


Technology Leadership

We guide you at every point, from assessing your current systems to producing an optimal roadmap through development and deployment

Bitwise Data Quality Solution

We provide the right data quality architecture and methodology to fully integrate into existing functional processes at all stages of the software development lifecycle. We use a phased approach that starts with implementation through integration with ETL by business unit or line of business. 

Solution Framework


Data Discovery – Profile and Analyze


Data Standardization, Matching and Cleansing


Data Enrichment


Reporting and Real-Time Monitoring

solution-icon-5 (1)

Data Quality Policy Repository


Advantages of Bitwise Data Quality Framework

  • Less time needed to reconcile data
  • Fewer delays in deploying a new system
  • Greater confidence in the integrity of the system
  • No revenue loss due to poor data quality
  • Reduced costs incurred by duplicate data
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • More stringent compliance

Is the quality of your data an issue?

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