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Migrating your application to the cloud with Bitwise

Get the optimal approach to application migration so you can successfully modernize your application on the cloud.

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Bitwise has been through the trenches or large-scale, enterprise cloud migration initiatives.

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Cloud offerings for any cloud (public or private), any provider (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.) and any mode.

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We have the expertise, in- house built accelerators, industry partnerships, training and proven approach.

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We guide you at every point,from building your cloud strategy and migration roadmap, moving your data and applications to the cloud.

Bitwise Lift and Shift Cloud Application Migration Services

When considering a migration to the cloud, challenges like vendor lock-in, deployment management, application design, local storage, security and compliance can be prohibitive in the decision to move forward. To address these challenges, Bitwise offers a specialized Lift and Shift Cloud Migration approach that accelerates the migration process.

Solution Approach

Cloud migration-icon

Cloud migration using Lift and Shift approach with help of cloud native services such as Docker and Kubernetes

premise applications-icon

Bundle the on-premise applications and dependencies as Docker images, an OS container

k8s cluster-icon

Setup HA k8s cluster on the preferred cloud environment which will be used for container orchestration

Deploy the Docker images-icon

Deploy the Docker images to the k8s cluster

Setup GitHub/Jenkins pipeline for CI


Setup Spinnaker (OSS) to perform CD and Integrate Jenkins/Spinnaker pipelines

Solution Approach-img

Advantages of Bitwise Lift and Shift Cloud Application Migration Services

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Bitwise Refactor Cloud Application Migration Services

We use a Refactor migration approach to enable your application to take advantage of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) products without major code changes.

Solution Approach

deployment pipelines-icon

Creating deployment pipelines to enable mid-day releases using blue-green, red-black or canary deployments.

audit compliant -icon

Creating audit compliant CI/CD pipelines to continuously deliver business capabilities to production.

Applying best practices-iocn

Applying best practices for the full lifecycle of application design to installing and supporting in production.

extensive documentation-icon

Creating extensive documentation/recipes to enable application transformation across your enterprise.


Modernizing or re-engineering applications from various legacy technology stacks to industry standard platforms such as spring / spring boot-based technology stack or Node.js based full stack applications.

Advantages of Bitwise Refactor Cloud Application Migration Services

Bitwise Re-Engineering Cloud Application Migration Services

Bitwise developed a workflow orchestration platform that can be re-used to modernize any legacy application in the cloud. Our solution for re-engineering applications supports the organization’s immediate needs for business growth, speed to market, increased scalability and ROI.

Solution Approach

various abstraction-icon

Focus on various abstraction layers to make the business layer cloud agnostic and suit cloud provider support with minimum changes to business layer.

Leverage microservices-icon

Leverage microservices, decouple base architecture and cloud services to build a configurable, maintainable and omni-channel solution.

Agile Methodology-icon

Leverage Agile Methodology for Development, QA, Artifacts and Operations to gather early feedback and produce quality deliverables.

communication routes-icon

Every service / communication routes through gateways using a no-trust mechanism to provide required security with each invocation.


Utilize Pub/Sub for message queuing.

Re-Engineering Cloud Application Migration Services-img

Advantages of Bitwise Lift and Shift Cloud Application Migration Services

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Cloud Migration
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Migrate and Re-Architect Machine Learning Applications on Google Cloud Platform

Most Common Use Cases

Modernizing legacy applications-icon

Modernizing legacy applications to run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry natively

Refactoring your application on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry private cloud platform is an excellent choice if you want to reuse investments in existing infrastructure and resources, if you do not want to move some of your workload to a public cloud, or if you want your development teams to focus on building great applications without being concerned with the intricacies of containerization and container orchestration.

Modernizing Disputes Management-icon

Modernizing Disputes Management applications on cloud

In the Payments industry, there is a drive to leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver improved customer experiences as a competitive advantage. Card issuers, acquirers and networks face growing competition and cannot afford to be hampered by challenges of legacy Dispute Management applications. Re-engineering Disputes in the cloud helps to meet the demands of the current and future merchant base while leveraging the latest technology.

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