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I need help implementing the right BI strategy to enable effective reporting and analytics


I want to optimize our EDW with modern cloud tools for data integration, data warehouse and data visualization

What it takes to successfully implement Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

Extend Capabilities

Get the most out of your Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence investments.

End-to-End Solution

Develop a BI strategy that addresses the end-to-end data lifecycle.

Accelerate Implementation

Proven solution accelerators and frameworks can increase productivity and reduce costs.

Implement Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence with Bitwise

Optimal data warehouse and business intelligence solutions to transform data into actionable insights and effectively leverage information across the entire organization.

Proven EDW-BI Experts-icon

Proven EDW / BI Experts

Expertise in the end-to-end data lifecycle and extensive experience migrating data and analytics to the cloud.

Full-scale Offerings

End-to-end EDW and BI implementations including data integration, data warehouse design, report development and support, analytics and advanced analytics, and visualization.

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Accelerated Methodology

We have the expertise, in-house built accelerators, industry partnerships, training and proven approach.

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Technology Leadership

We align business requirements, use case, platform identification, tool evaluation and resource requirements needed to implement BI and analytics capabilities.

Bitwise Business Intelligence Strategy Framework

Through our Enterprise Data Management Center of Excellence, we provide cost effective data warehouse and business intelligence solutions, right-fit products, standard coding guidelines and best practices to deliver efficient solutions with optimal performance. 

BI Analytics Strategy Framework

Automated Data Migration

Provide the right information the right way to answer any type of business questions

Solution approach

Improve availability, latency, and quality of data while reducing duplication

Event integration can be achieved with cloud services

Define a technology approach that balances cost and fit

Deploy the Docker images to the k8s cluster

Develop skill sets required for technology investments and standards

Setup GitHub/Jenkins pipeline for CI

Establish compliant architecture, data governance and operational processes

Setup Spinnaker (OSS)

Implement chargeback to business for ‘true cost’ visibility and monitoring to demonstrate BI value

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Advantages of Bitwise BI Strategy Framework

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Bitwise Enterprise Data Warehouse Implementation Framework

Through our Enterprise Data Management Center of Excellence, we provide optimal end-to-end data integration, data warehouse and business intelligence implementations. 

EDW Framework

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BI Strategy & Implementation Roadmap

creating audit complaint

End-to-End EDW and BI Implementation

applying best practices

EDW Performance Optimization, Maintenance and Support

creating extensive documentation

Migration and Upgrade Services

Logging and ability to send Notification

Data Quality Framework

applying best practices

Self-Service BI and Real-Time Implementation

Advantages of Bitwise EDW Implementation Framework

Data and Analytics
Case Study

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Most Common Use Cases

Enterprise Data Reporting-icon

Enterprise Data Reporting

Establish an enterprise data hub to enable Self-Service, In-Memory, Embedded, Real-Time and Advanced Analytics capabilities for business users.

Modernization of Healthcare Analytics-iocn

Modernization of Healthcare Analytics

Create a centralized view of healthcare data that provides integrated data for record search, health case apps, advanced analytics and reporting for ‘patient 360’ or clinical analysis.

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Solution Summary

EME Compliance

Bitwise provides comprehensive solutions for all your data projects

QualiDI is an ETL Test Automation tool providing an enterprise-wide, end-to-end platform for centralizing testing of one or more ETL tools.
Data and Analytics Solutions
Automated ETL Migration
Risk-free conversion and optimization of source ETL jobs to a target ETL tool with maximum automation.
Data and Analytics Solutions
Big Data Analytics & Data Science
Uniquely positioned to help our clients utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve business results.
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