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I want to improve the performance of my application to maintain a competitive advantage

What it takes to successfully implement Performance Testing

Optimize Performance

Measure the speed, accuracy and stability of software being used by your business.

Control Costs

Reduce development expenses and avoid license costs.

Deliver on User Experience

Proper planning and execution of performance testing plays a key role in the success of an application.

Implementing Performance Testing with Bitwise

Guarantee better output, eliminate delays and reduce recurring development expenses during load and stress testing. 

Proven QA Testing Experts-iocn

Proven QA Testing Experts

Leveraging a proven methodology, we have the flexibility to use industry standard products and platforms as well as our proprietary tools.

Full-scale Offerings-iocn

Full-scale Offerings

We apply the necessary expertise, solutions, technology, and set of best practices to test every aspect of your software products.

Accelerated Methodology-iocn

Accelerated Methodology

As experts in Agile methodology who are proficient with Agile and DevOps Testing, we have mastered the art of continuous testing and engaging test automation at each phase.

Technology Leadership-icon

Technology Leadership

Through our QA Center of Excellence, we train our resources on all aspects of automation and continuously work on evolving QA processes and best practices.

Bitwise Performance Testing Automation Solution

At Bitwise, we understand the challenges of performance testing and the drive to deliver faster and with less cost. We leverage performance test automation practices using the open source performance testing tool JMeter to provide a solution that offers cost-effective and convenient load testing, makes it possible to run multiple protocol scripts, and is readily pluggable in CI/CD and DevOps pipelines to support highly automated environments.  

Solution Approach

Design test cases-iocn

Design test cases

Research and finalize cloud server-iocn

Research and finalize cloud server

cloud servers and generate load-icon

Leverage cloud servers and generate load

Perform test execution-icon

Perform test execution

Monitor results-icon

Monitor results provided by the server

Performance Testing Automation Solution-img

Advantages of Bitwise Performance Testing Automation Solution

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