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Our current ETL tool isn't working for us anymore, but there’s no easy way to migrate to our tool new tool of choice


Our org has multiple ETL tools in play... I need an efficient way to move to a single ETL tool strategy

What does it take to successfully migrate to a new ETL tool?

Present a Business Case

Develop a thorough business case for ETL migration budget approval

Conversion with Maximum Automation

Risk-free conversion and optimization of source ETL jobs to target tool using maximum automation

Unit Testing for Production Readiness

Fully unit tested code ready for production implementation is key to success

Migrating from Any ETL to Any ETL with Bitwise

Achieve the maximum level of automation possible

Proven Automated ETL Migration Experts-icon

Proven Automated ETL Migration Experts

Bitwise has helped some of the world’s largest enterprises migrate their ETLs with maximum automation.

Full-scale Offerings-etl-migration-icon

Full-scale Offerings

We automate conversion from any data integration platform (including Ab Initio and PL/SQL) to any other platform.

Accelerated Methodology-etl-migration-icon

Accelerated Methodology

Bitwise offers automation in every phase - from assessment to conversion to validation.

Technology Leadership-etl-migration-icon

Technology Leadership

The ETL Conversion accelerator was developed from addressing real customer problems. Bitwise is always looking for ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently.

Key Benefits

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Bitwise Automated ETL Migration Framework

Built on two decades of extensive experience across all major data integration platforms, our proprietary ETL Conversion Automation Engine is based on a proven and repeatable framework. Our solution works with all leading ETL tools including Ab Initio, DataStage, SSIS, Talend, Informatica, PL/SQL, T-SQL and cloud ETL tools like Azure Data Factory and AWS Glue for any migration requirement.
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Advantages Of Bitwise Automated ETL Migration Framework

Up to
Time Reduction during Assessment Phase
Up to
Touch-Free Conversion

Up to
Increase in Developer Productivity

Up to
Effort Savings in Data Validation

Up to
75% – 90%
Effort Saved for Test Compliance Reports

Accelerate Your ETL Migration Initiative

ETL Converter
When migrating a data warehouse to the cloud, having the right solution to efficiently migrate your on-premise ETL can play a significant role in the success of your migration initiative. Our Automated ETL Migration solution leverages the automation capabilities of our ETL Converter product to provide optimal conversion of legacy ETL to modern cloud-based ETL/ELT tools.
Case Study
Case Study

Converting Ab Initio ETL to Informatica for Leading Retail Company

Most Common Use Cases

Multiple ETLs to a Single ETL Strategy-icon

Moving from Multiple ETLs to a Single ETL Strategy

Many of our clients have gone through major mergers and/or acquisitions with other companies, leading them to have multiple different types of ETLs and tools running at once. We help them consolidate to a single ETL strategy with maximum automation.

Legacy ETL Tools-icon

Cut Costs Tied to Legacy ETL Tools

Costs related to maintaining legacy ETL such as PL SQL and Ab Initio can quickly add up - migrating to a more cost-efficient ETL Strategy through maximum automation can help relieve some of that burden.

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Case Study

Converting DataStage ETL to SSIS for Leading Insurance Company


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Hydrograph is a GUI-based ETL tool built to efficiently process big data workloads on premise or on the cloud without needing to write MapReduce/Spark code.


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