Energy & Utilities

Enhance customer experiences and optimize operational efficiencies using modern data strategies and advanced analytics


Innovative solutions to Energy and Utilities challenges

Modern data and analytics solutions present the Energy and Utilities sector with opportunities to drive innovation and solve some of the most difficult challenges. For customers, AI and machine learning can help understand and answer billing questions and address issues like real-time energy and utility usage. For operations, advanced analytics can help improve infrastructure maintenance, optimize energy and water forecasting efficiency, and enhance decision making and production with IoT data.

Energy & Utilities Solutions


Infrastructure and Assets Resiliency

Enable a capability to listen to hardware and connected devices using IoT and robotic operation monitoring with RPA


Sewer Flooding Prediction and Prevention

Leverage machine learning to reduce the cost of operations in prevention and detection, and improve environmental safety


Production Planning and Optimization

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to make better decisions to optimize distribution networks and operations



Use data and evidence to drive decarbonization and work towards net zero carbon emissions


Digital Customer Experience

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve the customer experience, foster better energy usage and reduce service cost


Data Warehouse Modernization

Migrate legacy ETL and data to the cloud to efficiently ingest, process and analyze a wide variety of data sets


Driving Digital Transformation in Water and Utilities Sector – Innovation Solutions with Looker


Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

On-premise, Cloud And Hybrid Solutions

Modernize and transform Enterprise Data Warehouse reporting systems to become more competitive for meeting today’s business challenges


Application Modernization

Mordernize Your Application On The Cloud

We continuously research emerging technologies and practices to help our clients leverage the latest and most reliable tools when modernizing their applications


Big Data Analytics & Data Science

Modern Analytics Solutions

Uniquely positioned to help our clients utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to achieve business results


Strategize and implement the right Energy and Utilities innovation solution with Bitwise