API and Microservices

IICS App Integration Implementation


A leading translation and localization services company needed to build a translation connector that retrieves translatable content from a specific Shopify platform, translates the content and sends it back to Shopify.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Custom-developed APIs were being used to connect to multiple platforms and vendors including integration with the in-house “Contents Server”
  • Hence, every new customer that was onboarded to the service requires the API connectors to be built from scratch
  • Maintenance of these individual APIs for each customer was also a major overhead
  • This not only was consuming critical resource bandwidth but delaying new customer onboarding resulting in sales revenue leakage

Bitwise Solution

Developed a configurable solution using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) App Integration to fetch translatable content from Shopify, get it translated from Content API, and send the translated content back to Shopify.

  • Paginate through all the resource types and check for translatable content on Shopify. Fetch the translatable content using Shopify GraphQL APIs. The translatable content is in key-value pair form. Fetch supporting assets (reference URLs) from Shopify.
  • Upload source content to CAPI, create an Add request to the job and send the job for translation.
  • Combine the translatable content file and reference URL file, and build JSON formatted source content which will be accepted by CAPI.
  • Fetch the latest status updates from CAPI. For all the extracted status updates check for the translated content and write back to Shopify based on the request status.

Tools & Technologies We Used

IICS Application Integration
IICS Data Integration
Shopify APIs

Key Results


Modernized solution built for future growth


Acceleration of new customer onboarding


Plugging sales revenue leakages


Enabling business users’ availability, fueling future engagements

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