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Report Migration from Tableau to Amazon QuickSight


A Financial Services company needed to migrate its Credit Card Network set of executive dashboards from Tableau to QuickSight in order to understand the business performance at-a-glance. The requirement was to securely track critical and large data volume at efficient costing.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • The requirement was to track critical and large datasets, scalability being their main priority.

Bitwise Solution

  • Assess the existing Tableau environment and critical business requirements.
  • Optimize reports and reduce redundancy.
  • Set up and configure required data connections. Configure Redshift with QuickSight. Establish relationships between different data sources and create the data structure in QuickSight.
  • With the help of the existing Tableau reports as a mockup, create QuickSight visualizations.
  • Provide filtering capabilities and create calculations for the custom fields.
  • Implement incremental refresh for high-volume data to optimize the data refresh performance.
  • Leverage QuickSight features to enhance the visualizations.
  • Perform data validations and quality checks. Publish reports with role-based accesses.

Tools & Technologies We Used

Amazon QuickSight
Amazon Redshift

Key Results


Eases decision-making and tracking of management strategy and business plans


Cost effective and scalable solution / Reduced server and maintenance cost


Dataset versioning


Seamless and secure integration with AWS

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