Bitwise Launches Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data

October 10, 2017

CHICAGO, IL, October 9, 2017 – Bitwise, a Chicago based data management consulting and services company, today announced the launch of its Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data for converting any mainframe data in EBCDIC format to Hadoop-friendly formats such as ASCII, Avro and Parquet.

The Mainframe Data Conversion solution addresses compatibility issues of ingesting mainframe data into the Hadoop data lake for advanced analytics, combining mainframe data with any other data sources in the data lake, and achieving faster analysis on mainframe data in Hadoop.

Need for a Solution to Convert EBCDIC COBOL CopyBooks to Hadoop Format

Organizations want to push their mainframe data into their data lake on Hadoop to perform analytics on their complete data and join it with data from other sources. Mainframes use EBCDIC data format, which presents a challenge since Hadoop uses ASCII data format.

Most leading ETL tools in the market like have an EBCDIC conversion capability, but they do the conversion on their infrastructure and not natively on Hadoop. This presents two problems:

  • Cost – resource intensive infrastructure, talent and licenses are required.
  • Performance – with large data volumes, traditional ETL tools face scalability issues and conversion becomes a bottleneck since it happens outside of Hadoop.

Furthermore, data structures within COBOL can become very complex due to complications in COBOL CopyBooks related to CompFields (compressions), Nested fields, Arrays and Redefines within Flat Files, making fast and accurate Code Translation difficult to achieve.

Bitwise Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data

Bitwise Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data is a stand-alone EBCDIC to Hadoop format conversion utility that understands all the different ways data is stored in mainframes (including COBOL CopyBooks) and can convert these complex data structures to the right structure for Hadoop.

Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data handles all mainframe, AS400 and other COBOL data files of any complexity, and delivers an optimized process to convert mainframe EBCDIC data to ASCII, Avro and Parquet data that increases overall data conversion efficiency and maximizes ROI.

To help organizations get the most out of their mainframe data, Bitwise offers Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data as a stand-alone solution for any EBCDIC to Hadoop format conversion use case, or packaged with Hydrograph (open source ETL development environment) for a complete Data Integration solution on Hadoop compatible with Mainframe data, and that fully integrates with Spark API and Spark SQL.

About Bitwise

Bitwise, a Data Management company, uses 20 years of Enterprise Data Management experience to help bridge gaps between traditional EDW and cutting-edge technologies, including big data tools.

What truly sets Bitwise apart is not just our two decades of experience helping leading companies solve their most pressing data challenges, but our technology leadership in developing unique solutions that automate and accelerate complex processes, including ETL Conversion, ETL Test Automation and ETL on Hadoop and Cloud.

Founded in 1996, Bitwise is headquartered in Chicago, IL with development centers in Pune, India and Sydney, Australia. For more information, visit Bitwise at

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About Bitwise

Bitwise is a technology solutions provider that leverages data to enable business insights. Our breakthrough technology innovations help our global clients maximize their competitive advantage. We are the industry’s most experienced and dedicated team of data professionals, focusing on Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud and Digital Computation. We optimize value for our clients through our global delivery model and with our proprietary technology tools that reduce the time, complexity and cost of data initiatives. Together, our people and technology provide the insights clients need to continue to lead in their fields.

Founded in 1996, Bitwise is headquartered in Chicago, IL with UK office in London and global delivery centers in Pune, India. For more information, visit Bitwise at