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ETL Testing Tool

QualiDI is an ETL Test Automation tool providing an enterprise-wide, end-to-end platform for centralizing testing of one or more ETL tools.

End-to-End ETL Test Automation

ETL testing is essential for data validation to ensure accuracy when transforming data sets from multiple operational systems to a data warehouse, but can be challenging in complex enterprise environments with large data volumes.
QualiDI ETL Testing Automation tool provides an enterprise-wide, end-to-end platform for centralizing testing of one or more ETL tools. With QualiDI, you can automate ETL testing from any Source (operational system) to any Target (data warehouse).

QualiDI ETL Test Automation

Key Benefits:
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Efficient Data Handling

Efficient data validation and comparison of transformed data vs. manual data sampling.

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Centralised Repository

Centralised repository of requirements, test cases and test results.

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Effective use of CI/CD pipeline

Empowers CI/CD pipeline by API trigger-based automated test execution.

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Agile Ready

Accelerates agile testing by enabling developers, testers and team members to independently execute test cases.

Cost Saving Approach-icon

Cost Saving Approach

Early defect detection and reduced testing cycles lead to cost benefits.

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Provides Accurate Data

Ensures transformed business information from source to target is accurate and reliable.

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QualiDI ETL Test Automation key benefits

Why QualiDI for ETL Testing

One-Stop-Shop for all ETL Testing Requirements

Data-Store Independent Test Suite

ETL-Tool- Independent Automated Test Suite

Automated Versioning and Change History Management

ETL Testing Framework

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QualiDI Testing Ecosystem


Business Rules Engine (BRE)

BRE is a QualiDI built-in tool that can read English-like language and generate queries for complex transformations very quickly. BRE helps speed up the testing process as non-technical users can write rules instead of queries.


Test Data Management (TDM)

The Bitwise TDM Suite seamlessly integrates with QualiDI to provide an efficient way to produce compliant, production-like test data to help make your QA team a contributor to business agility, cost reduction and risk mitigation.

QualiDI with Agile Development

Agile ETL Test Automation
Overcomes The Obstacles-icon

Overcomes The Obstacles

Automated Agile ETL testing overcomes the obstacles that lower ROI and efficiency in the testing cycle.

Easy To Manage-icon

Easy To Manage

Manages the complex ETL testing cycle and ensures data quality through the full life cycle, effectively eliminating human error and accelerating the entire process.

More Flexibility-icon

More Flexibility

Flexible to any environment as it is configurable with all databases.

Key Benefits:
Key Benefits:


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Administration, Reporting & Tracking

Advanced Features


QualiDI Ranked as a Top ETL Testing Tool

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Case Study

Reducing ETL Test Cycle Time for Global Financial Services Company

In The News

Bitwise announces support for Microsoft Azure cloud databases with QualiDI ETL testing tool


Functional vs. Non-Functional Testing for Quality Assurance
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Solution Summary

Reducing Test Cycle

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