Planning Your ETL Migration Strategy with Talend + Bitwise

In the push to become data-driven, organizations are seeing a crucial need to shift from legacy ETLs and stored procedures to modern data management and governance platforms like Talend.

When migrating to a new tool that can integrate with Cloud and Big Data environments and provide necessary Data Governance capabilities, understanding the options for automating the ETL conversion process is a critical step in determining the best strategy.

This webinar presented by Talend + Bitwise answers key questions to help you plan your ETL migration initiative:

  • What are the business drivers for moving legacy ETL to Talend?
  • How can ROI Assessment help you build the business case for ETL migration?
  • What should you expect from an ETL conversion automation solution?

The process to migrate ETLs has traditionally been manual and very labor intensive. Learn how Bitwise successfully delivers predictable ETL conversion with up to 70% automation. We have covered real world case studies from a large pharmacy retail chain and a leading home repairs business.

Who Should Watch?
  • Data Services & Data Integration Managers
  • Architects, Programmers and Analysts
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Leaders
Why Watch?
  • Introduction to Talend Data Integration Platform
  • Derive the most value from your ETL migration efforts
  • Significantly reduce TCO for data integration platforms

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