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Challenges of Traditional ETL Tools

Traditional ETL tools present challenges for meeting modern business intelligence and analytics requirements

Not able to cater to Business Analysts, Data Analysts and Data Scientists for data integration needs

High costs associated with licensing for advanced features and lack usage based pricing

On-premise ETL tools are complex to manage and lack scalability

Vendor lock-in of jobs written in traditional ETL tools limits portability

Benefits of Migrating to AWS Glue

high scalability-icon

High Scalability

No infrastructure to maintain and run jobs at petabyte scale

Ease of Use-icon

Ease of Use

Data integration development environments to cater to different skill sets

Control Costs

All-in-one pricing and usage-based cost model

Data Integration for every user-icon

Reduce complexity

Process petabytes of data in real time, batch and event driven modes

Accelerate Innovation-icon

Accelerate Innovation

Take advantage of advanced capabilities of AWS ecosystem such as AI

Pain of Migrating On-Premise ETL to the Cloud

There are serious challenges and risks in manually migrating ETL that cause organizations to overrun timelines and budgets

  • Time consuming and very resource intensive – need expertise for both source & target ETLs
  • Incompatibility issues due environmental change
  • Identifying the work around where direct mapping is not available
  • Tedious and prone to errors / requires rigorous testing

Bitwise ETL Migration Solution

Bitwise uses automation in each phase of converting on-premise ETL to AWS Glue with a complete end-to-end migration solution

Benefits of Bitwise ETL Migration Tools & Utilities

  • Flexible to convert Any ETL to AWS Glue

  • Accelerate overall delivery – Deliver faster and better with high quality of converted target code

  • Adoptable to specific source and target coding standards and best practices based on client needs

  • Generates metadata and able to export in any format

  • Proactive identification of areas needing workarounds through Conversion Report

  • Adoptable to changes in the ETL landscape

  • Customization in the Adoption Plugin on discovering common code patterns within the Client’s environment

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Automation Tools and Utilities for ETL Migration

With our automation tools, Bitwise delivers optimized code that is significantly less error-prone than manual conversion

Automation Tools and Utilities for ETL Migration-img

Bitwise ETL Migration Expertise

Bitwise ETL conversion experience plays a key role in our ability to deliver migration projects within expected timeline and cost

10+ Years

Overall 10+ years of experience in ETL Conversion

24000+ ETL Apps

Automation Conversion of more than 24000+ ETL Apps

15+ ETL Tools

More than 15+ ETL tool combinations

Migration experience with leading ETL tools including:

Informatica – DataStage – SSIS – Ab Initio – Talend – PL/SQL

Why Bitwise for Migrating your ETL to AWS Glue

Knowledge base and best practices for architecting optimal solution in AWS

End-to-end migration using in-house built automation tools at every phase

Systematic approach for highly secure and accurate migrations

Ready pool of ETL migration specialists and AWS Glue experts

Up to 50% Reduction in Migration Time

Up to 60% Reduction in Migration Cost

Migrate to AWS Glue with Confidence

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