Leverage our Extensive Ab Initio Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in Ab Initio production support, maintenance, development, and testing, we can confidently state that we lead the market in depth-of-knowledge and ability to consistently increase efficiency and ROI.

We offer complete end-to-end capabilities including our enterprise Production Support Optimization model that reduces costs by 40% and provides year-on-year process improvements, as well as the potential to handle 60% more production applications with minimal increase in support cost.

With Power Comes Challenges

Quite simply, Ab Initio is one of the costliest data processing tools in the market. In addition to heavy up-front costs, there are also substantial maintenance and deployment costs such as annual maintenance charges, resource hiring and training, and development costs.

Utilizing Ab Initio requires an expert level of knowledge. This knowledge is not only a unique skill set, but is yet another area of potential cost for the client. Resource challenges often force organizations to do a balancing act between focusing on business critical tasks versus support and upgrade activities. Furthermore, a limited availability of resources often leads to insufficient testing, which opens the door to future production issues.

How Bitwise Can Help

We have pooled our extensive experience of working on Ab Initio projects into frameworks, automated processes, and methodologies that are repeatable, extendable, and dependable. Our clients benefit from our unique capabilities to improve and enhance the usage of Ab Initio within their organizations.

We offer market-leading, cutting-edge solutions for Ab Initio such as Continuous Integration (CI), Business Rules Test Automation, Advanced Features Implementation and Consolidated Application Support Optimization, as well as critical services to optimize Testing, Version Upgrade, EME Compliance, and Server and Infrastructure Administration.

Continuous Integration (CI) in Ab Initio

Bitwise offers an approach to enabling Ab Initio to be Agile with Continuous Integration (CI). Take advantage of the benefits of Agile methodology within Ab Initio.

Business Rules Test Automation in Ab Initio

Bitwise offers an approach for effectively using Ab Initio BRE to enable business users to run test strategies without reliance on IT. Empower business analysts to write, test and update their own business rules.

Ab Initio Advanced Features Implementation

With our expert level of Ab Initio proficiency, Bitwise consultants help organizations capitalize on Advanced Features hidden inside of the Ab Initio tool, enabling quantifiable benefits. Unlock the potential of Advanced Features hidden inside Ab Initio.

Consolidated Ab Initio Application Support Optimization

Bitwise offers a support optimization model for consolidating application support into one team to streamline the coordination between various stakeholders and meet stringent SLA requirements.

Ab Initio Testing

Bitwise offers special testing tools and utilities for “white box” Developer testing and “black box” QA testing to maximize potential value, reduce coding errors, and help define standards to ensure code quality.

Ab Initio Version Upgrade

Bitwise leverages our Version Upgrade Framework to upgrade Ab Initio graphs into higher versions through automation, which saves time and effort, ensures a smooth upgrade, and provides significant cost savings and efficient resource utilization.

Ab Initio EME Compliance

Bitwise consultants leverage an automated validation function to help organizations improve the percentage of EME-compliant graphs, which enriches the information for Data Lineage.

Ab Initio Server and Infrastructure Administration

Bitwise offer services for the administration of the Ab Initio co-operating system, EME and Graphical Development Environments to ensure that high availability is maintained for your Ab Initio environment.